BeachGrooves studio cam – NOW LIVE


The BeachGrooves studio cam is now live.  In amongst all the other work we´ve been doing here in the studio and in the office upgrading and adding bits and pieces of kit, another of out projects has come to light and we are now able to offer you a visual experience as well as sound. In an effort to make the BeachGroove experience bigger and better for you we are now broadcasting the action from the studio directly to you via a number of webcams that have been setup in the studio.


Video as well as audio

As well as the audio stream that you can get online through this website, the TUNEIN app, Shoutcast as well as FM, Beachgrooves is now coming to you in HD video as well as clear CD quality audio.  We hope this will make the musical experience better for you.

Traditional radio stations only allow for a listening experience but we at BeachGrooves don´t feel very traditional in that respect and would like our audience to get to know us just that little bit better by putting faces to the music. We hope that seeing the DJs will bring a little more of a personal touch and build a better connection with you, our listeners.  There are a few more items in store for the ever growing BeachGrooves so be sure to check back regularly or SUBSCRIBE to the website for weekly updates.

Give the video cam a go and check out the studio – We´re very excited to be able to bring this service to you and hope you enjoy watching it as-it-happens.


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