Monthly News – January in words and pictures


DJ MARATHON and grand giveaway

The second Beachgrooves DJ Marathon and Grand Giveaway Day took place back in late December and once again  it was a huge success.  A day of competitions, food and laughter as we were joined in the studio by sponsors, past winners and some special guests.


Dorian Yates DYGym opening

This month saw the opening of a brand new gym based in Nueva Andalucía.  6 times Mr Olympia, Mr Dorian Yates and his business partner Kimo Rahman have opened a new exercise facility here on the coast and BeachGrooves was there to supply the beats for the inauguration.

Dorian Yates - DYGym Opening - Marbella

New DJs on Beachgrooves:

The DJ  roster continues to grow.  We  have  now  been  joined by a number of  DJs  from  both  locally  and  abroad.  Ladies and gents, please welcome John Hobbs, DJ Galactic, Nano GarridoLuca Guerrieri, Laurent Wery and Noe Morillas!


Beachgrooves at Besaya Beach

Besaya Beach2_small

The New Year saw two of our residents DJs Verox and Derek D entertaining a full house crowd down at Besaya Beach, where they partied in style to welcome 2016.

DJ Keef Luv radio interview with Dorian Yates

Keef Luv Dorian Yates interview

BeachGrooves resident DJ Keef Luv, was honoured (and a little overwhelmed) when he got the chance to interview one of his long time idols, Dorian Yates, live on his show this month as they discussed the opening of DYGym, music and health and fitness in general.  Dorian is 6 times winner of the “Mr Olympia” body builders’ competition..

Frequency update




With the arrival of our new frequency in Antequera (94.2FM) and the return of our coverage in Sevilla (102.9FM), Beachgrooves is pleased to announce that we now broadcast on 7 frequencies up and down the coast with an extended area coverage area heading inland…you can’t get away from us 🙂  Bigger and brighter things are on the horizon

It was a relatively quiet month publically for Beachgrooves, but there’s LOTS to come.  Keep an eye on the website or LIKE our Facebook page to keep up with all the good things we have in the pipeline.

See you next month – Tito Pulpo


Monthly News – December – New Year Edition

DJ MARATHONChristmas TreeLast year we had a special day at BeachGrooves entitled “BeachGrooves DJ Marathon and Grand Giveaway” day; a full day of music, fun, and some pretty amazing giveaways live on the radio.  We are doing it all again so put the date in your diary – Sunday 27th DECEMBER 2015.

More upgrades this month.

Once again we have added some more facilities to our studio backend software.  The whole base has had a revamp as a future plan for next year’s expansion plans.  More on the way over the coming months on what BeachGrooves will be bringing to you over 2016.

New DJs and shows

Junior Quike Afrodeep on BeachGrooves

This past two months we have had a flurry of new DJs join the station.  Check out our radio schedule to catch the new show times.

Junior D’Acosta (pictured above) – Every Friday morning from 10a-12pm

Txemy Rodriguez and Bruce Baps – Every Friday evening from 7pm – 9pm

Little Maya – Thursdays: 7pm – 9pm

Ivano Bellini – Saturday: 10pm – midnight

Chris Geka – Sunday mornings: 3am-4am

Chus + Ceballos – Every Sunday morning: 2am-3am

Check out the schedule for more details.

Amongst the growing list of guest DJs dropping by and spinning a session in the studio, we had a visit from Shanghai based international DJ in the form of DJ Leonardo Chiodaroli – He wanted to do a session on BeachGrooves Radio while he was passing through Europe and visiting Marbella. and we obliged. 

Speedy recovery JEFE!

Last month, DJ Kate Gooding was involved in an accident which kept her out of the studio for a few weeks.  We are pleased to say she is “back” on her feet and up to her usual musical mischiefs.  This month we’d like to wish Mr Marcardi a swift recovery after an operation on his knee.  GET WELL SOON SIR!


10000 Likes Facebook

WE ARE ON OUR WAY TO 10,000 Likes on our Facebook page.  Please help us get there by sharing/liking the page.  We have an amazing set of giveaways for when we reach that magic milestone!

ENDURO – Motorcross in the mountains of Benahavis.

Enduro Benahavis

This weekend the ENDURO-BENAHAVIS tournament took place in the beautiful countryside setting of..Benahavis.  The motor-cross tournament took place this weekend and was a roaring success.  Over 200 riders over the two days and BeachGrooves were there to provide music and entertainment for the riders and the crowd.  Soe of the event was also broadcast live over the BEachGrooves airwaves.

New Clients on board:

The success of BG Advertising is paying off.  We now have some very prestigious clients on board including, Olivia Valare, Finca Besaya, Bar Baro to name but a few.  For more info on how advertising with BeachGrooves Radio and BGLife Magazine can help you feel free to contact us.

BGTV now broadcasting live on YouTube

BeachGrooves on YouTube - Broadcast yourself

As well as watching the live studio addiction through our website we are now streaming constantly on YouTube.  Our live channel i now setup and running, so if you’re a YouTube fan, check us out there.


Get the app:

Also, remember we have a FREE APP for your mobile phone so you can have BeachGrooves with clear CD quality sound wherever you travel in the world.  The APP is available for iPhone and Android phones with links from our website at

Online shop:

Feel free to pass by our online shop and check out the growing range of BeachGrooves merchandise we have on offer.  Some great casual wear from your favourite radio station.


Monthly news early Autumn

Early Autumn at BeachGrooves

More upgrades this month.

103.3FM - 94.2FM - BeachGrooves Radio, Marbella, San Pedro, Sotogrande

Something we have been planning is the update to some of our frequencies. The upgrade to the 94.2FM  frequency, serving the Marbella/San Pedro area and 103.3FM for Sotogrande. We have added another antennae and doubled the signal strength to give you a better and clear signal.  More updates on the horizon as the growth continues 🙂

24 Hr Charity DJ Set for Cudeca

Cudeca Costa del Sol - Thank you

At the end of last month, John Hobbs completed a dream of raising money for a chosen charity.  A 24 hour DJ session to raise money for Cudeca Cancer Care down at Purobeach raised €6.332.  It was a phenomenal day (literally) with guests and supporters visiting him throughout the day and night.  The event was also broadcast live on BeachGrooves Radio.

Work or play?  You decide 🙂

BeachGrooves visits IbizaThe BG Bosses headed to Ibiza for a weekend of “business” this month and to continue spreading the BeachGrooves name through clubs like Pacha, Ushuaia and Nikki Beach.  Now that BG Life and BeachGrooves have introduced themselves to the party isle, things can only get better. More news to come on how they got on in future issues.

Buy some BeachGrooves

The online shop is now open – We have had a great response to the opening of our online shop.  Now you can get your hands on some the BG merchandise we have with a lot more on the way.  Don’t forget to check it out at

New DJs:

Love The Underground.

Love The Underground RecordsBeachGrooves get s another addition to the roster.  Reunion born Mikaela and her Love The Underground Records radio show is a great addition to our Friday night lineup.  Kicking off at midnight, LTU brings it’s unique style of deep to our global listeners.

Local Marbella based DJ, Jhön Mena, known up and down the coast for his energetic beats also joins the DJ lineup.  Having played a number of guest sessions on the station, he now starts with his own weekly show.  You can catch Jhön every Wednesday evening from 7pm-8pm.

Get the app:

Also, remember we have a FREE APP for your mobile phone so you can have BeachGrooves with clear CD quality sound wherever you travel in the world.  The APP is available for iPhone and Android phones with links from our website at

Daily weather service: Steph on the Ball

We are now in a solid contract with our MeteorGib.  Steph Ball and the MeteorGib crew are now supplying us with 2 daily customised weather reports which means we can better inform you about the weather.


The month in words and pictures: September 2015

BG SHOWCASE: Redwoods, Cable Ski – Marbella

BeachGrooves at Redwoods CableSki, Marbella

The August SHOWCASE at Cable Ski Event came and went in a flash.  This month we were joined by the Ferrari Club Marbella and it was another superb day full of fun and frolics. Derek D, Sema Garay, Tito Pulpo and DJ Biggie all put on superb performances once again for the Redwoods Cableski crowd.

BG Life In Ibiza

BG Life in Ibiza!

BG Life Magazine has landed in Ibiza with a superb response.  The magazine went out to the White Isle last month and we have received some wonderful words from stockists, residents and visitors alike.  This month’s edition includes a rundown of the best “End of season” parties to go so make sure you check it out to catch the latest news from the party centre of the world.

Cudeca – 24 Hrs behind the decks for charity

Cudeca 24 HR Charity Event

This month we are supporting a charity event at Purobeach, Estepona – Marbella based DJ, John Hobbs, will be doing a 24 Hour DJ Marathon in aid of this worthy cause; that’s a lot of hours in anyone’s books. Cudeca – Cancer Care Hospice are a charity based Cancer Care Hospice here on the coast and rely on donations to continue giving aid and help to suffers of this dreadful disease.  We wish him luck!


BGTV gets a facelift.  We are currently testing some new hardware as an improvement to the video stream.  This is to facilitate the broadcast to our IPTV systems as well as a number of other outlets around the world for our channel.  BGTV will be broadcast through a growing number of TV channels both here in Spain and abroad.

Philippe Liard comes to visit..

DJ Philippe Laird in the BeachGRooves Deep House DJ radio station

International DJ Philip Liard gave us some of his time in the studio this month with a live session on BeachGrooves.  The Chilean DJ produced a superb deep house session overhear airwaves and we were proud to have him in our studio.  Thank you Philippe.

New DJs

DJ WildBill - BeachGrooves Radio Marbella - Deep House

WildBill joins us from the USA.  Up until recently Bill had been an avid and consistent listener to BeachGrooves Radio (Marbella) from across the water starting his early mornings with our afternoon shows.  Always a lover of music but never a public DJ, Bill had one of his mixes submitted to Derek D for a listen.  We were so impressed he now joins us as our latest resident every Saturday from 2pm – 3pm CET.  Welcome to BeachGrooves WildBill!  Enjoy the ride…

BeachGrooves Van

The BeachGrooves party van is still making it’s rounds with DJ Keef Luv behind the wheel.  If you see him, give him a wave, he may have a pressie for you.


STEMS - DJ Audio format - Traktor S8 DJ digital controller

DJ Steve Canueto got his hands on some very upfront software this month – The brand new STEMS audio format was tested LIVE on his Weekend Warmup show (Friday evening 5pm-7pm) and it set to be the next BIG THING in live DJ sessions…you can read the full review later in the magazine.

Studio production suite in progress

The studio production suite is once again in motion.  After a full project plan and inspection, the build is now underway.  It will give us our own facilities for production of music, promotional material and recording facilities. Look out for more projects and productions coming from the BeachGrooves camp.

BG Shop Online

BeachGrooves Radio - Online Store

The BeachGrooves Shop is now online.  On there you can buy some of the BeachGrooves merchandise we have on offer with more to come.  For the future you will also be able to purchase tickets from there and well as the range of items we are currently looking into.  More on that to come but head on over to for a little look.

That’s about it for this month…I may have forgotten stuff but we’ll soon sort that out with ore updates. Thank for joining me once again…back soon.


Please help us reach 10,000 LIKES on Facebook

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, we at BeachGrooves are once again asking for your help.

We have recently hit 9,000 likes on our Facebook page  and we are looking for help with hitting the next milestone of 10,000!!!

So, please feel free to share this post and also like the page and once we hit the magic number we shall be pulling out 10 lucky Groovers for some very special prizes.  We will be looking at those helping us with the promotion, the amount of shares and basically want to return the amount of love that the Groovers of the world are showing for us, the radio station and the DJs.

SO, the march is on and the counter is clicking…THANK YOUALL!

10000 Likes Facebook


Spreading wings…more new frequencies

We are growing…still!

All the good folks here at BGHQ are very pleased to announce the addition of, not one, but TWO more new radio frequencies down here on the Coast (and maybe more…sssshhhh).  Not only do we have our coastal signals covering Nerja to Gibraltar but we are now expanding the FM inland.

Last week we welcomed the good people of Sevilla (102.9FM) and also those in the region of Granada (96.1FM).  The new signal coverage means we are now reaching a much greater area of the Spanish mainland along the FM signal and the BeachGrooves family is ever growing.

These new frequencies join our others covering Malaga (88.9FM), Marbella (97.1FM), San Pedro (94.2FM) and one of our younger frequencies, Sotogrande (103.3FM).  We have also improved the sound on our online stream which is also available through iTunes, TuneIn and many other online stream services.  We also have growth with our video stream in the form of BGTV ( as we will soon be streaming this service over a IPTV channel through our ISP (Internet Service Provider) Olivenet.

Expansion – The way forward.

We are still testing out the maximum reach of the new signals and plans are underway for the inclusion of greater power in order to give you the best signal possible.  The addition fits nicely into the many long term plans we have for BeachGrooves and there is a lot more in the bag to come. Also, more growth in our other media services (video and audio).

Want to get involved?

With this expansion we are now also looking for collaborators in these ares to help with our promotion and sponsorship deals.  If you are interested in getting involved with some of the major plans we have coming up then please get in contact with us.  Initially we will be looking for individuals or teams to help with promotion and advertising in any way, shape or form, so if you feel this could be something for you then give us a call, (+34) 952 799 344 or simply send an email to our promotions manager Dirick Joris at and see how we can help each other.

The BG Family Grows 🙂

Thank you all for your continuing support in what we are trying to bring to the coast as well as to the world.

New radio frequencies

New radio frequencies


BeachGrooves May/June monthly rundown

What has BeachGrooves been up to this month?

The arduous task of running a 24/7 radio station continues and the work just keeps coming in.  Events, promotions, making and maintaining contacts around the globe, paperwork and keeping up with the movements of our DJs (amongst many other things) takes up a lot of time.  With the summer season upon us, the workload just gets heavier, but it’s all good fun.  We are constantly receiving some superb messages from our listeners which makes all the hard work even more worth it.  Thank you guys!!!


Radio automation:

The system we use to co-ordinate the start of shows, with the adverts has been upgraded.  As part of our ongoing “make it better” approach to all that goes on here,  the system has seen some major changes as well as a big investment and this should help us better serve the other services we provide.


We’ve had a series of power cuts in the area while the local grid has been strengthened for the on-coming summer rush of visitors to the area.  This has called for an update to our own backup system and the recent outages have helped us highlight issues as well as test teh new system…more to come.

Radio boost:

Again, as part of our upgrade path and growth, we now have a new (additional) radio frequency.  As well as 88.9FM covering Malaga, 97.1FM covering Marbella and 94.2FM covering San Pedro, we have now added 103.3FM servicing the good people in and around Sotograde up to Gibraltar and Algeciras and beyond and would like to welcome all the folks down there to the BeachGrooves family.  This is in addition to the boost in radio power of our 94.2 FM frequency

Sunset Terrace Party 3rd May:

Yet another successful day.  The BeachGrooves Sunset party is always a lot of work to organise; Staging, lighting, performers, promotion all go towards making it a long, yet very satisfying day to pull together.  Part 1 in April was a great success and Part 2 on the 3 May was even better.  We are now in the process of getting everything together to make Part 3 (7th June) and even better day for the BeachGrooves family…watch the social networks for more details.

Cato Anaya and Joe’s Members Club (Marbella)

He came, he saw, he enjoyed!

Last month, Columbian born DJ / Producer, Cato Anaya (Sony Music)  came to Marbella as part of his DJing tour.  After wowing the BeachGrooves listeners with a superb guest session and then going on to conquer Joe’s members club (Marbella) and Olivia Valare, the music machine is now enlisted with a regular session.  Playing every Saturday evening from 6pm-8pm  on BeachGrooves radio, Cato has fully embraced the house music scene here in Marbella and is enjoying becoming a part of it.

New staff:

Sema Garay (DJ) also joins the backend office helping out with production, design, online promotion and a whole lot more. Sema is also a resident DJ on BeachGrooves radio playing every Sunday from 5pm-7pm with his sublime deep soulful mixes.

Future planning: MORE EVENTS

Sunday 7th June 2015:  The next instalment of the BG Sunday Sessions down at Sunset (Marbella Puerto Deportivo)

Sunday 28th June 2015: Terra Sana (Marbella) Sunday Session

New DJs This month

Cato Anaya – Columbia – Deep House – Every Saturday 6pm-8pm

Veronica DJ Verox – Marbella – Deep House, Baleric Beats – Every Tuesday 4pm-5pm (featured in this issue)

Big Chill – Chicago – Deep Soulful House – Every Monday – Thursday 10am-11am

And also, the mighty David Penn (Urbana Recordings) joins us every Sunday night / Monday Morning from midnight

Many of the BeachGrooves DJs have been involved in various events up and down the coast at many venues including MAMA (Puerto Banus), Kalaedio (Benalmadina), Victor’s Beach (Marbella), La Catarina (San Pedro) as well as various locations in Ibiza.  The growth continues…

BeachGrooves on Twitter


We’ll be back next month to let you know more of what is happening in and around the BGHQ – Until the next edition, enjoy HOUSE!

Gary Marks (DJ Tito Pulpo)


We listen to our listeners – Bigger, louder, wider: BeachGrooves


You told us, we responded.


Here at the station we are striving to make the whole BeachGrooves listening experience the best there is.  Over time we are constantly working on making BeachGrooves the best radio station on the coast.  We have had reports from some of our listeners needing a stronger signal in order to hear the music we play at it’s best.  This of course is to do with FM radio as the online broadcast comes to you at HIGH quality wherever you are in the world.

Anyway, in an effort to address this problem we are now upgrading one of our transmitters.  Doing it the “BeachGrooves way” we are installing our own brand new radio tower (extended of course) in order to boost the signal on our 94.2FM frequency.  The new tower and transmitter, along with the extra height, should reach a wider audience whilst boosting the signal for the current listeners.

We are pleased with the new installation and shall be running signal checks over the coming week to be able to bring you more information on the exact areas we can reach.

Recently, with a boost in our 88.9FM frequency, we have extended the signal (and strength) and the radio broadcast is now reaching large areas of Granada and even in Sierra Nevada.


Tower10-web  Tower1-web  Tower2-web  Tower12-web  Tower4-web  Tower13-web      Beachgrooves Tower 3  Tower7-web  Beachgrooves Tower 2Tower11-web  Beachgrooves Tower 1  Tower8-webTower6-web  Tower5-web  Tower3-web

More areas – Wider audience – Bigger BG Family!

From Nerja to Gibraltar and inland to Sierra Nevada, Granada, Al Haurin el Grande, Benahavis and various others we believe our growth and strength will bring you, the listeners, a much better radio experience.

“Never stop moving forward” is a motto we use regularly and this system upgrade falls neatly in line with those words.

We’d love to hear from you. If you’ve noticed any change in the service, good or bad, please let us know. We have to make it right for the BeachGrooving family.



BeachGrooves Top 100 Deep House Tracks for 2014

A year in musical review: TOP 100 DEEP HOUSE TRACKS OF 2014

Howdy folks,

DJ NILOHere are the TOP 100 Deep House tracks for 2014 as compiled by our very own DJ Nilo.  He worked tirelessly to bring you a list of some of the best house music that stormed a large number of dancefloors around the world. A roundup of some of the best deep house music track of the past 12 months!

100. Daniel Solar – 1989 (Original Mix)
99. DJ Roland Clark – Whuup
98. Basement Jaxx – Never Say Never (Mark Knight Remix)
97. Hot Natured – Benediction (Nic Fanciulli Remix)
96. Sante feat. Lorenzo Hall – Homegirl (Original Mix)
95. Simion – U+I (Club Mix)
94. Nick Monaco – 5 Feet (Original Mix)
93. Marcos Cruz, Jesus Culture – Set A Fire (Marcus Cruz Remix)
92. Dino Lenny – I’m Coming Home (Sander Kleinenberg Reshuffle)
91. Alvaro Medina, Afrobeat – Hot Lines feat. Tenisara (Original Mix)
90. Krankbrother – Thank You Baby

89. Nora En Pure – True (Lexer Remix)
88. Tuccillo – City Lights (Original Mix)
87. Deepjack, Mr.Nu – Let Me Say (Kovary Remix)
86. Bob Sinclar – Cinderella (She Said Her Name)
85. Wallflower – Say You Won’t Ever (Deetron Remix)
84. Clean Bandit – Extraordinary (Martin Ikin Remix)
83. Sonic Future – Bring It On (Original Mix)
82. Ferreck Dawn & Rodondo – Love Too Deep
81. David Penn, Hosse – Con Son (Original Mix)
80. Daniel Steinberg – Let Me Down (Tube & Berger Remix)
79. Supernova, Ann Saunderson – R.L.H (Shur-I-Kan Vocal Remix)
78. Kölsch Feat. Gregor Schwellenbach
77. Sharam Jey, Night Talk – Gonna Get You (Sirus Hood Remix)
76. Calippo – Back There (Original Mix)
75. Joe T Vannelli, Hot Since 82 – The End feat. Csilla (Original Mix)
74. Larry Cadge – Vicious Circle (Original Mix)
73. Bob Sinclar – Sea Lion Woman (Original Mix)
72. Deepjack & Mr.Nu – Don’t You Know That (Woo2tech Remix)
71. Gui Boratto, Come and Hell – Take Control feat. Come and Hell (Original Mix)

70. German Brigante – I’ll Be Back (Original Mix)
69. Vintage Culture, theDuo – Everyday (Original Mix)
68. Sven Vath – L’esperanza (Ame Reinterpretation)
67. Lana Del Rey – Ultraviolence (Crom Thanh Remix)
66. Klingande – Jubel (Nora en Pure Remix)
65. Ruff Ryder – Freak (Original Mix)
64. Gerd, Marcoradi – Still Believe feat. Marcoradi (Original Mix)
63. 2Groove, Disord3r – Ready Or Not (Original Mix)
62. Passenger 10 – Stories (Sons of Maria Remix)
61. Giom – Dr Zapp feat. Apple Rochez (Original Mix)

60. Route 94, Jess Glynne – My Love (Original Mix)
59. Ray Manteca – Mayamero (Mojitos Mix)
58. Hunzed, Harvey (IT) – Sheeta (Mendo Remix)
57. Klaxons – There Is No Other Time (Claptone Remix)
56. Watermat – Bullit (Original Mix)
55. David Penn – One Song (Club Mix)
54. Umut Akalin – Smoke Machines & Laser Rays (Saccao & Lou Van Remix)
53. Audion, Troels Abrahamsen – Dem Howl Feat. Troels Abrahamsen (Joris Voorn Mix)
52. Kings Of Tomorrow – Finally (Sonny Fodera Remix)
51. Chasing Kurt – From The Inside (Copyright Remix)

50. Steve Paradise – Zultan (Pablo Fierro Remix)
49. Booka Shade – Crossing Borders feat. Fritz Kalkbrenner (Pleasurekraft Remix)
48. Freakme – Infinity Strange (Original Mix)
47. Adrian Lux, Kaelyn Behr – Sooner or Later
46. NiCe7 – Time To Get Physical (Sonny Fodera remix)
45. Gorgon City, MNEK – Ready For Your Love55. David Penn – One Song (Club Mix)
44. Alex Metric Oliver – Galaxy
43. Chopstick & Johnjon – Pining Moon (Original Mix)
42. Christen Kwame, Danny Darko – Walk With Me (Ease Remix)
41. John Legend – All Of Me (Addal Edit)

40. Lilly Wood & The Prick – Prayer In C (Robin Schulz Remix)
39. FCL – It’s You (Secondcity Back to 1990 Mix)
38. Adana Twins feat. Khan – Drive (Original Mix)
37. GusGus – Crossfade (Maceo Plex Mix)
36. Lykke Li – No Rest For The Wicked (Joris Voorn Remix)
35. Martin Waslewski, Ole Biege – Odsbodkins
34. Sailor & I – Turn Around (Ame Remix)
33. Tapesh, Dayne S – How I Do (Original Mix)
32. Clean Bandit – Rather Be (The Magician Remix)
31. Sabb – Earth Ft Pedro M (Original Mix)

30. Tensnake – Good Enough To Keep (feat. Nile Rodgers)
29. Calippo – Spend Time Well (Nora en Pure Remix)
28. Eddie Amador – House Music (Robosonic Remix)
27. The Avener – Fade Out Lines (Alle Farben Remix)
26. Purple Disco Machine, Teenage Mutants – The Path (Original Mix)
25. Oliver $, Jimi Jules – Pushing On (Original Mix)
24. Sure Thing – Holding You Tight (Extended DJ Mix)
23. Oliver Koletzki, Nord – After All (Claptone Remix)
22. Ten Walls – Walking With Elephants (Original Mix)
21. Claude VonStroke – The Clapping Track (Solomun Remix)

20. Lissat & Voltaxx – Ain’t Nobody (Andrey Exx & Hot Hotels Remix)
19. Sandy Rivera Ft. April – BANG (Kings Of Tomorrow Remix)
18. Duke Dumont – Won’t Look Back (Extended Mix)
17. &ME – After Dark
16. London Grammar – Sights (Dennis Ferrer Remix)
15. Disciples – They Don’t Know (Original Mix)
14. Saccao & Heavy Pins – Boa! (Nubah Remix)
13. Fritz Kalkbrenner – Back Home
12. Patrick Topping – Forget (Original Mix)
11. Lissat & Voltaxx vs. Andrey Exx & Hot Hotels feat. Immi – Joe Le Taxi
(Original Mix)

10. Lana Del Rey – West Coast (MK Area10 Remix)
9. Amine Edge – Lost (Original Mix)
8. Loden In NY – The Magic Room (Dino Lenny Remix)
7. Hot Since 82 – Restless feat. Alex Mills (Original Mix)
6. Footprintz – Uncertain Change (Maceo Plex Remix)
5. Elekfantz – She Knows (Gui Boratto D.O.C. Club Mix)
4. London Grammar – Hey Now (Sasha Remix)
3. Adriatique – Rollox (Original Mix)
2. Sirens Of Lesbos – Long Days, Hot Nights (Claptone Remix)
1. Chaim – Blue Shadow (Original Mix)


We Love Deep House Music

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