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We listen to our listeners – Bigger, louder, wider: BeachGrooves


You told us, we responded.


Here at the station we are striving to make the whole BeachGrooves listening experience the best there is.  Over time we are constantly working on making BeachGrooves the best radio station on the coast.  We have had reports from some of our listeners needing a stronger signal in order to hear the music we play at it’s best.  This of course is to do with FM radio as the online broadcast comes to you at HIGH quality wherever you are in the world.

Anyway, in an effort to address this problem we are now upgrading one of our transmitters.  Doing it the “BeachGrooves way” we are installing our own brand new radio tower (extended of course) in order to boost the signal on our 94.2FM frequency.  The new tower and transmitter, along with the extra height, should reach a wider audience whilst boosting the signal for the current listeners.

We are pleased with the new installation and shall be running signal checks over the coming week to be able to bring you more information on the exact areas we can reach.

Recently, with a boost in our 88.9FM frequency, we have extended the signal (and strength) and the radio broadcast is now reaching large areas of Granada and even in Sierra Nevada.


Tower10-web  Tower1-web  Tower2-web  Tower12-web  Tower4-web  Tower13-web      Beachgrooves Tower 3  Tower7-web  Beachgrooves Tower 2Tower11-web  Beachgrooves Tower 1  Tower8-webTower6-web  Tower5-web  Tower3-web

More areas – Wider audience – Bigger BG Family!

From Nerja to Gibraltar and inland to Sierra Nevada, Granada, Al Haurin el Grande, Benahavis and various others we believe our growth and strength will bring you, the listeners, a much better radio experience.

“Never stop moving forward” is a motto we use regularly and this system upgrade falls neatly in line with those words.

We’d love to hear from you. If you’ve noticed any change in the service, good or bad, please let us know. We have to make it right for the BeachGrooving family.



Comments (6)

  1. It is really neccesary to have a good FM coverage, because Internet Streaming in Spain is no option, we all have tight traffic limits on mobile devices and even at home the ADSL slows down seriously when listening Beach Grooves.
    The other problem is that You boost too much the low base frequency, Beachgrooves is incompatible with all my Subwoofer Systems because below 60Hz your Base is unproportinal amplified!

    • Hi Ingeniero. We are constantly working on improving our FM signal, but as you know, FM has it’s limits on area covered and reception while internet gives perfect reception wherever you are.

      Where in Spain are you?

      Also, we are working on providing lower bandwidth broadcast for those with limited download amounts. Please bear with us 🙂

  2. Philip Worrell

    Nice to see the station expanding well deserved. I guess it will be a little while longer until I can pickup the station in Geneva Switzerland until then there is the Internet. Good luck for the future

    • Hi Phil, we’ll have to add Geneva to the list of areas to cover over FM. 😉

      Glad you still tune in via the internet…we must be doing something right 🙂 – Thanks for you words and for your support. Hoping to make it all bigger and better for you in the not too distant future

  3. morten wolland


    Love ur broadcasts, but one thing. The comercials for both external products and internal events take so much time.
    Is it possible to have longer sessions between these breaks ?

    • Hi Morten and thanks for your comments. Unfortunately the commercials are what help to keep the radio station running. We have around 5 mins of commercials at the top of every hour and then around 55 mins of music from our DJs. We’d love to have each and every hour of solid music but, as you may be able to appreciate, the running costs of the station are quite big and any financial help (in the case, advertising) helps to cover those costs. The other option would be to split the adverts and have them every half hour, but again, that breaks up the music even more so for now, this seems to be the best balance. I hope they don’t take away your pleasure of the music we have on offer too much 🙂

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