Ants in Marbella @ Playa Padre

THE ANT COLONY COMES TO TOWN – United Ants in Marbella

On Thursday 29th March, Playa Padre opens it’s doors for the first time since it’s mammoth closing on New Year’s Day when LUCIANO brought their first year to a massive close, and they are back with a punch.

Kickatsrting the Semana Santa (Easter) weekend here on the coast the ever growing and on-marching party “colony” that is UNITED ANTS Ibiza takes it’s first trip to Marbella as and brings with them a serious lineup of DJs.

Andrea Oliva
Francisco Allendes
Matthias Tanzmann

with the usual superb support from Playa Padre resident, Angel Sanchez (Be Polite).

Doors open at 2pm for the start of the 12 hour session

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