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BeachGrooves May/June monthly rundown

What has BeachGrooves been up to this month?

The arduous task of running a 24/7 radio station continues and the work just keeps coming in.  Events, promotions, making and maintaining contacts around the globe, paperwork and keeping up with the movements of our DJs (amongst many other things) takes up a lot of time.  With the summer season upon us, the workload just gets heavier, but it’s all good fun.  We are constantly receiving some superb messages from our listeners which makes all the hard work even more worth it.  Thank you guys!!!


Radio automation:

The system we use to co-ordinate the start of shows, with the adverts has been upgraded.  As part of our ongoing “make it better” approach to all that goes on here,  the system has seen some major changes as well as a big investment and this should help us better serve the other services we provide.


We’ve had a series of power cuts in the area while the local grid has been strengthened for the on-coming summer rush of visitors to the area.  This has called for an update to our own backup system and the recent outages have helped us highlight issues as well as test teh new system…more to come.

Radio boost:

Again, as part of our upgrade path and growth, we now have a new (additional) radio frequency.  As well as 88.9FM covering Malaga, 97.1FM covering Marbella and 94.2FM covering San Pedro, we have now added 103.3FM servicing the good people in and around Sotograde up to Gibraltar and Algeciras and beyond and would like to welcome all the folks down there to the BeachGrooves family.  This is in addition to the boost in radio power of our 94.2 FM frequency

Sunset Terrace Party 3rd May:

Yet another successful day.  The BeachGrooves Sunset party is always a lot of work to organise; Staging, lighting, performers, promotion all go towards making it a long, yet very satisfying day to pull together.  Part 1 in April was a great success and Part 2 on the 3 May was even better.  We are now in the process of getting everything together to make Part 3 (7th June) and even better day for the BeachGrooves family…watch the social networks for more details.

Cato Anaya and Joe’s Members Club (Marbella)

He came, he saw, he enjoyed!

Last month, Columbian born DJ / Producer, Cato Anaya (Sony Music)  came to Marbella as part of his DJing tour.  After wowing the BeachGrooves listeners with a superb guest session and then going on to conquer Joe’s members club (Marbella) and Olivia Valare, the music machine is now enlisted with a regular session.  Playing every Saturday evening from 6pm-8pm  on BeachGrooves radio, Cato has fully embraced the house music scene here in Marbella and is enjoying becoming a part of it.

New staff:

Sema Garay (DJ) also joins the backend office helping out with production, design, online promotion and a whole lot more. Sema is also a resident DJ on BeachGrooves radio playing every Sunday from 5pm-7pm with his sublime deep soulful mixes.

Future planning: MORE EVENTS

Sunday 7th June 2015:  The next instalment of the BG Sunday Sessions down at Sunset (Marbella Puerto Deportivo)

Sunday 28th June 2015: Terra Sana (Marbella) Sunday Session

New DJs This month

Cato Anaya – Columbia – Deep House – Every Saturday 6pm-8pm

Veronica DJ Verox – Marbella – Deep House, Baleric Beats – Every Tuesday 4pm-5pm (featured in this issue)

Big Chill – Chicago – Deep Soulful House – Every Monday – Thursday 10am-11am

And also, the mighty David Penn (Urbana Recordings) joins us every Sunday night / Monday Morning from midnight

Many of the BeachGrooves DJs have been involved in various events up and down the coast at many venues including MAMA (Puerto Banus), Kalaedio (Benalmadina), Victor’s Beach (Marbella), La Catarina (San Pedro) as well as various locations in Ibiza.  The growth continues…

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We’ll be back next month to let you know more of what is happening in and around the BGHQ – Until the next edition, enjoy HOUSE!

Gary Marks (DJ Tito Pulpo)