Eelke Kleijn / Dj

‘Composition’ is the core of any electronic producers work – the creative process that forms a distinctive sound to them, and only them. In a landscape of talent and technology however, to be truly unique is more than ever a rare quality. Eelke Kleijn, Rotterdam-based music maker, is that exceptional example. A talent crossing the border from producer into modern day composer, he has honed a natural flair over a 10-year career but now is proving his moment. With peers and tastemakers standing up to take note of his original production, they have still only seen the half of his capacity. As the projects get bigger and better, excitement for the young Dutchman is reaching boiling point across the globe.

This raw talent was evident at the tender age of just 20 years old, as Eelke emerged on the scene with debut tracks ‘4.5 Billion Years / Knowledge Base’ on Segment Records. Deep, original tracks they were, but they also marked something so much more – the start of a decade long journey. Going on to work with some of the greatest imprints in dance music he garnered the support of Ultra to EMI, Global Underground to 3 Beat and Spinnin’ to Sudbeat and all before half a decade was up. Always one to have sole creativity of course, he learnt from these labels and it took just a few short years to set up his own venture, Outside The Box Music. Built from the ground up, OTB has gone on to release major artists from a variety of genres and not to mention Eelke’s own smashes, ‘Levensgeneiter, ‘Doordrammer’ and in 2012 ‘Eenvoud’.

Composing is always at the fore of Eelke’s consciousness, but being the all round professional he is, his live shows still never take the backseat. Complete with the back catalogue of epic productions his sets are packed with anthemic floor fillers that please the crowds the world over. From Asia to South America and Australia to his home in the Netherlands, Eelke has graced the stages in the finest of venues. With dates upcoming in all four corners of the globe, Eelke is bringing his music truly worldwide to hoards of smiling faces with hands in the air.

Creating records that strike a chord with music fans from all walks of life is what Eelke does best. Meticulously striving for beats and harmonies that lose the listener in a track is what he drove towards with signature tune, ‘Ein Tag Am Strand’. With the melody set years back, he developed and honed the production around it, waiting for the perfect moment to drop it to the world. As a deeper sound prevailed in all aspects of dance music in the summer of ‘13, it was the impeccable timing for it to be heard. Speaking to DMC World Magazine, Eelke detailed the simple yet pertinent reason behind putting out the track this year: “’Ein Tag’ is all about feeling good. It’s a happy record, one that will make you smile when you listen to it. Dance music sometimes takes itself too seriously. This track just plays with all of that, and on top of that it’s catchy as hell!”

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