Karmina Milojevic / Dj

    Karmina Milojevic (real name Cindy Milojevic) is a DJ, singer & producer, born on August 22nd 1985 in Créteil France. Daughter of a professional footballer, Michael Milojevic, Cindy spent much of her childhood moving around France following her dad from Brest to Bordeaux, where he was playing for the Girondins of Bordeaux team. Once her father’s career was over, Cindy returned to Paris with her mother and brother. Her mother was passionate about music, and began DJing in her spare time, which lead her to take her daughter regularly along when she was playing, and that’s where it all started for Cindy. It was during one of these evenings that Cindy, who was just 15 years old at the time, met a DJ from New York. He fell ill during his set and asked Karmina (who had been practicing on her mum’s equipment at home for quite some time) to take over and basically do her thing… She did not back down, took over the turntables and it turned out a success. That is when ‘Miss Sin’ was born. In turn, her mother now followed her during these evenings.


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