Khatia Kata / Dj

Khathia inherited her creative artistic qualities of her parents, her father being a talented musician and her mother a popular Jazz singer. It is not surprising that at only five years of age, Khathia began to play the piano, experimented with the guitar and started singing lessons. These surroundings had seen her grown up between musical notes and an environment full of beautiful melodies.

She started her DJ career in Ibiza, she had her first breakthrough as a local artist, performing in various prestigious venues, beach clubs, restaurants and lounges, which then led her to some high profile residence slots. Soon after, the Middle East was calling out for her, so Khathia was playing in Dubai. Her performance illustrated her talents in elegant musical selections, but now combined with the latest underground themes distinguished her from the rest.

After such a success in Dubai, the Orient was the next staging post. Taking a residency slot, DJ Khathia, took China by storm, where it was received and complemented with excellent reviews and wide press coverage. Since her leaving the Middle East, she once again returned to the Emirates,this time Abu Dhabi was the place of choice. Again her DJ Khathia constant demonstration of musical talent was the reason why she was called back to the Emirates. Full bio:

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