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Roland Clark / DJ

    Roland Clark is known as House Music’s Songsmith, Producer, Deejay, and

    Vocalist, all in one. He was born in New Jersey however hails in New York

    City for his musical upbringing. Some of Roland Clark’s early recordings

    helped to define the underground house scene in NYC in the 90s. Under

    the alias South Street Player he had a big hit in 1993 with “Who Keeps

    Changing Your Mind” released on Strictly Rhythm. His latest alter ego

    Jesus Jackson pegged the 3rd season opening of the show Grey’s Anatomy

    with his song “Running On Sunshine.” Roland’s voice is often described as

    wildly erotic, soulful, loving, and deep Roland Clark can be heard on the

    latest Katy Perry hit Swish Swish out on Universal Music. His voice

    penetrates throughout the different realms and sub genres of House Music

    and his vocal touch is consistent; many to the “Voice of House” consider him. His lyrics are powerful and political, and everyone in the electronic

    dance music culture instantly recognizes his voice. Roland has written and

    sang vocals for many top producers, and his voice gives the tracks their

    soul and meaning. He is a featured vocalist on many Fatboy Slim releases,

    including the hit “Star 69 (What The F**k)” and Armand Van Helden’s

    gorgeous “Flowerz.” As Roland (under the alias Urban Soul) says himself

    on King Street Sounds’ 2003 hit “President House”… “If House is a nation,

    I Wanna be President.” Roland has also made a name for himself with his

    phenomenal deejaying and production skills.