Playa Padre 1st Anniversary

We will be having our 1st Padre Anniversary on the 31th of May.

Joining us at the DJ booth we have Chelina Manuhutu

Dress Code: Beach Night Attire

Entrance: VIP Booking / Ticket ( at the door the same day )

The place to be day and night. Meet me at la Playa, I promise it will be Padre.

Info & Bookings: +34 952 76 50 80


Playa Padre Closing Party

The next BIG event on our outdoor calendar – The Playa Padre closing party on Day One with special guest Luciano (Official Page), accompanied by Playa Padre residents and a bunch of #BGDJs.

Set to be the perfect start to the year, we promise it will be “PADRE”


BOHO Sunday · Hraach

It may be November but the weather is still shining upon us. On this note, Playa Padre are continuing their season and bringing none other than deep house master Hraach to the shore this Sunday.

BOHO Sunday · Hraach

Hola Amigos!

Boho Sunday is back, so get ready to dance at la Playa during the day!

We will party like there is no mañana with the soulful music of:

Hraach an Armenian born producer. He is both versatile in style and delivery. With sounds that are both ancient and modern and vocals that are nothing less than memorizing Hraach is captivating music lovers worldwide.

Angel ( Be Polite )

Miguel Heras

Lets give this coast a island vibe, put your best boho outfit on and have a copa with your amigos!

Meet me at la Playa, I promise it will be Padre!

Info & Bookings: +34 952 76 50 80



BOHO Sunday LIVE From Playa Padre

BOHO Sunday LIVE From Playa Padre with Special Guest Dj Chelina Manuhutu & Juanma Sanchez

listen on FM or online at

Sunday 20th August 21:00 – 00:00 CET


We Love Deep House Music

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